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Plastering a village

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Stone River Plastering came on board this project to panel fix and plaster this sprawling mega village based in the Springlands suburb of Blenheim and finished strong with over 45 plastered Villas, the plastering of the brick community centre and a variety of fences and the like.

This adds up to a quality body of work by Cleavon and all the plasterers in the team, who have created a cladding that will endure the ages and will always be apart of the legacy of Stone River Plastering.

With all Villas occupied the best part of plastering in an ongoing manner such as this commercial development offered, was the feedback and support from the residents.

"Often people would approach us and comment how warm the Villas were and they attributed that to the plaster and poly combination" Managing Director Cleavon Gee said.

Working on such a project meant liaising with a multitude of people and groups which Cleavon and the team did with ease; from the builders to the architects, from the managing director to the project management team, not to mention keeping a tidy and quiet site for the surrounding dwellers.

Project manager Hayes & Assosciates had this to say in the reference they provided; "Stone River Plastering Ltd take great pride in providing quality finish, workmanship and management. In this respect, it is a pleasure to work with Stone River Plastering Ltd as we can rely on them to provide a professional service where they prioritise any concerns".

"Stone River Plastering Ltd are easy to deal with and always prompt in their responses and actions."

After over 45 Villas the stages were completed at Springlands Lifestyle Village in 2016, Stone River Plastering were humbled by the opportunity and feel proud to be a part of this massive commercial development.

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