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Earthquakes & Re-clads

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Now we aren't biased about what you choose to clad your home & your castle in but... when a 7.8 earthquake cracks the bricks and ruins your beautiful plaster finish, you have to take the bricks off and start again!

So off came the brick and after a lot of research from the owner of the dwelling it was decided that Hebel PowerPanel was the way to go to ensure a quality cladding that would withstand the test of time and nature.

The November 2016 earthquake brought Stone River Plastering to the east coast of the South Island, and of all the work they were involved with, this beautiful farmstead was the most satisfying project.

Stone River Plastering was responsible for the removal and disposal of the existing cladding, re-panelling and re-plastering and painting of the new system. This meant working in closely with the client s to achieve the adobe finish of their dreams and working in wth council and insurance companies to achieve the best result for this earthquake stricken home.

This build showed that the more effort put into the finer details of the design or redesign of a building's cladding in the early days, pays dividends in the running of the job and the ultimate finish


This project was completed in 2019 and Cleavon saw the client at a building supply store the other day and said it was like greeting a long lost friend. Stone River Plastering are lucky to call their clients friends an love to see and gear updates on all their projects.

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